2017 Course Descriptions

Monday, August 7 through Friday, August 11, 2017 Classes

A) Morning Sankyoku Ensemble Classes (90 minutes): 5 classes per week
The morning ensemble class focuses on various traditional sankyoku compositions and works by composer Shin’ichi Yuize. Seiha faculty members will demonstrate, discuss and perform each work with detailed explanation regarding musical notation, performance techniques and ensemble performance. Intermediate and advanced students whose level is appropriate may be asked to perform on their respective instruments. These sessions will also give beginner students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the music and the musical notation for all the sankyoku instruments.
B) Afternoon Private Lessons (60 minutes): 2 classes per week
Private lessons are for individual instruction on shakuhachi, shamisen, koto and kokyū focusing on the summer school repertoire. Joint lessons with other instruments may also be possible.
C) Afternoon Sankyoku Ensemble Classes (90 minutes): 5 classes per week
The afternoon ensemble class focuses on select pieces from the sankyoku repertory with all participants rehearsing together. Level-appropriate music will be chosen for both beginners and intermediate/advanced students. The afternoon classes are planned as preparation for the final Sunday concert.
D) Evening Music Lecture Series (90 minutes): 2-3 classes per week
The Seiha Evening Music Lecture Series offers all participants enrolled in the Summer Program nightly presentations related to Japanese music. The lectures will include such topics as “Contemporary Japanese Music,” “Composing for Japanese Traditional Instruments,” “Japanese-American Musicians as Pioneers of Japanese Hawaiian Music” and other related topics. Lectures in Japanese will have English translation.

Saturday, August 12, 2017
This day is reserved for either student practice and ensemble rehearsals or individual free time for a daily excursion nearby.

Sunday, August 13, 2017
The final day of the program includes a morning rehearsal and afternoon performance for all the participants. A reception is held after the concert for all participants and invited guests.

2017 Music Compositions

課題曲 (日本語)
「八重衣」 現代三曲合奏;

Study Pieces for 2017 (English)
“Kurokami" and "Rokudan no Shirabe”
“Mama no Kawa,” composed by Kikuoka Kengyō, lyrics by Miyakoshi Yumechō (early-mid 19th Century)
Ensemble piece:
"Sankyoku Dai san Ban" (Shinichi Yuize),” by Yuize Shinichi

* Please note the student’s exact course schedule will be set after registration is completed. Full-time students will have priority in scheduling classes. In addition, there is ample time in the weekly schedule for private practice and small ensemble rehearsals during the day and evening at Seiha.
* String instruments (13-string koto and shamisen) will be provided free of charge to the participants.