Program Details

     Established in 2016, the International Summer School at Seiha Hōgaku-kai is the only Japanese educational program to offer courses in English on Japanese traditional musical instruments. The Summer 2017 program will be held for one-week from Monday, August 7 through Sunday, August 13, 2017.
     The course content focuses on Japanese traditional hōgaku music studies in shakuhachi, koto, kokyū and shamisen with voice. A variety of group-oriented classes for these four instruments will be held in the morning for 90 minutes each. Afternoon lessons include private instrumental lessons (60 minutes) and an instrumental ensemble class (90 minutes), where students may obtain extensive experience performing in a sankyoku setting. Options in the evening include special lectures by the Seiha Hōgaku-kai faculty and special guests.
     The summer program is geared for all levels from absolute beginners to advanced level students. The schedule allows for flexibility so all students have quality time to work at their appropriate level both in individual lessons and ensembles. We will add classes as necessary to fit the needs of the participants.
     Full-time students may take as many ensemble classes as possible during the week as well as two private lessons, while part-time students who prefer a more flexible schedule may choose their specific classes or private lessons. The course ends on Sunday afternoon with a student concert. The final concert includes traditional sankyoku ensemble works and works by composer Shin’ichi Yuize. Please see the schedule on the course description page.
     Seiha Hōgaku-kai is in the heart of Tokyo with easy access to restaurants, museums and all popular landmarks. Students may also want to visit Mt. Fuji, Kyoto or any other tourist destinations during their stay in Japan before or after our program.