2019 Greeting
Yasuko Nakashima, second iemoto (grand headmaster)
           I extend a heartfelt welcome to you on the occasion of the Seiha Hōgaku-kai 2019 International Summer School. Seiha Hōgaku-kai was founded in 1913 by my father Utashito Nakashima and it presently continues under the direction of my daughter, Kazuko Nakashima. It is one of the most important and respected Japanese traditional music education institutions in Japan.
     Many years ago, as a Japanese exchange student learning Western music in California, I realized firsthand the importance of sharing musical traditions with people from around the world. It is especially important for the Japanese to share their music with the world, but the difficulty of the Japanese language has always been a barrier to further understanding.
     The Seiha Hōgaku-kai International Summer School was established in 2016 as an English-language intensive summer biennial program. The intent of this program is to broaden awareness and appreciation of Japanese traditional music and make it available to the English-speaking world. I am very honored and proud of the program’s success, and I believe that the 2019 program will attract even more participants. Seiha's motto is "to repay our gratitude to our country with music." As the second iemoto, I believe that our international summer program truly carries out our mission. I send a warm welcome to all the 2019 participants and hope they have a fulfilling musical journey into the art and beauty of Japanese traditional music.