2017 Summer Program Is Now Completed

In 2018, Seiha will celebrate its 105th anniversary.
With many events scheduled to celebrate this occasion, we will hold the next summer program in 2019.
More information will be posted here in the summer of 2018. Thank you.
Welcome to the official English language website of
Seiha Hōgaku-Kai International Division.

     The Seiha school of koto performance was founded in 1913 by Utashito Nakashima in Nagano Prefecture, north of Tokyo. The International Division at Seiha is the only Japanese certified educational institution to offer courses in English on Japanese traditional musical instruments. The 2017 summer program marks the second year and begins Monday, August 7, 2017 through Sunday, August 13, 2017.


     Study traditional Japanese instruments with world-class instructors at one of Japan’s most prestigious koto schools.
     Rehearse and perform with other musicians in sankyoku ensemble settings.
     Attend evening lectures by top scholars on various topics in Japanese music.

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