2019 Registration / Tuition and Fees / Payment Information
Registration Information

Registration period for the 2019 Summer Session is January 1 through July 14, 2019. Late registration may be accepted any time after the deadline with a surcharge of 10%. Registration is done entirely online at our "To Register" page. Inquiries may be sent in anytime, please use our contact page.

2019 Summer Course Tuition

Option I: Full-Time Student: 100,000 yen
A full-time student allows for the maximum amount of contact and lessons with the faculty.
Access to all the ensemble classes (90 minutes each) of any instrument or level during the week Maximum of 5 morning and 3 evening classes
3 private lessons 50 minutes each
Evening Music Lecture Series 2-3 per week

Option II: Part-Time Student
For those who wish to participate on a limited basis, you may register for individual classes.
Morning or Afternoon Courses
Fee per class
Ensemble Class - 90 minutes
10,000 yen
Instrumental Music: Private Lesson - 50 minutes
10,000 yen
Evening Music Lecture Series
10,000 yen
* Part-time students are required to sign up for at least 3 classes, not including the evening music lecture.

Registration and Additional Fees

Shakuhachi players are expected to bring their own instruments. Beginners who do not have a shakuhachi can order one through Mejiro (http://www.mejiro-japan.com). The 13-string koto, kokyū and shamisen instruments are provided free of charge during the whole week for all classes and practice sessions. Beginners who wish to puchase an instrument may contact us for details. Nominal fees will be charged for the following items:
Name and Explanation
Summer School Registration
5,000 yen (Non-refundable. This covers administrative/exchange rates/handling fees)
Music Scores
Prices vary for each score
Koto Classes: Individual tsume (picks)
5,000 yen for a set
Personal instrument repair, strings, etc.
Prices vary
* Except for registration, all the above may be purchased at Seiha during the first day of classes. In addition, the staff at Seiha can help you purchase quality koto, kokyū, shamisen or shakuhachi instruments during the summer school.

* Transportation, housing or meals are not included in the tuition. While we are happy to answer general questions about the logistics of travel to Japan, please note that we cannot arrange housing in Japan. There are a number of inexpensive hostels, weekly rentals and hotels throughout Tokyo. AirBNB is also very popular in Japan. Lodging and travel information is easily accessed through the Internet, and we recommend booking your rooms as early as possible as there is presently a lot of tourist travel to Japan. Some kind of travel insurance is also recommended for travel to Japan.

Payment Information

1. Non-refundable deposit of 25,000 yen due : Sunday, July 14, 2019 (20,000 yen for tuition and 5,000 yen for registration.)
* This payment must be done through the Seiha PayPal account. After you register and complete the application form, a paypal invoice will be emailed to you with instructions on how to electronically send in your deposit. This deposit confirms your seat for the summer classes. If for some reason summer classes are canceled, your full deposit will be returned.

2. Full Balance Due: Monday, July 29, 2019 (First Day of Classes)
* This payment of 80,000 yen is in yen (cash) only.